law of attraction

13 Jan How to Use the Law of Attraction to Transform Yourself!

Law of Attraction

Sometimes we are faced with big challenges in our lives; a relationship breaks down,
someone dies, we get sick, there is an accident, we need more money; or, we have
the general feeling of dissatisfaction and feel there is more to life than our present lot.

In these circumstances, what humans usually do is to send up a rocket of desire to the universe
saying, “I don’t like this and I want that instead”.

If we are experts at the Law of Attraction then we are quickly able to create the new thing
we want. If we don’t achieve our desire then often, we suffer at best in a half-light of dis-
appointment, not really feeling alive; at worst, with illness, dysfunctional relationships,
poverty, frustration or unease for years.

The Law of Attraction is a technology that you can learn like any other technology. It is
supported by the new science emerging from quantum science that shows evidence of how
to apply The Law of Attraction. In so doing we can bring the object of our desire into
manifestation by being in vibration with it.

By becoming the focus of it, we create it and to be truly fulfilled that focus needs to be an expression of our fullness of being, satisfaction, appreciation and gratitude for consciousness itself. I call it the yoga of the mind. It is the
technology of learning to master and take ownership of the magnificent, infinite, immortal,
eternal beings we in fact are and create the lives that we want.

I have studied this technology for many years both to help myself to attain the desires I
have achieved and to support the hundreds of people who have now gone through my

A recent participant told me: “I feel much more in control of my life again and as I
continue to use the skills taught in the course, I can only see things improving”
It is such a privilege to understand and to be teaching these principles.

I have seen remarkable results both in my own life and in the lives of my clients from the
implementation of even the most basic principles used in The Law of Attraction.

As an Empowerment Life Coach with a BA with Hons in Psychology and Sociology I have
been known nationally for my COURAGE COURSES & WORKSHOPS. Thousands of people
have attended my courses and I have taught, performed and recorded all over the world.
Please join me as I share this valuable information.

The best way to get results and achieve congruency of your visions, dreams and goals is with
Empowerment Coach who is trained in and understands the techniques of The Law of

The important thing is to start taking actions that support your journey.
I encourage you to go and get your FREE Law of Attraction Consultation and discover all
the wonderful tips and tools available to help make 2018 your BEST YEAR yet. I operate face
to face and online or by phone.

And remember one of the biggest reasons people fail is procrastination so do it now.

Make your New Year an empowering one – only you can do it.
I Believe in You.

Lorrayn de Peyer