The Music Meditation Experience

Scientists have discovered that meditation has many tangible benefits:


  • an improved immune system
  • better blood pressure regulation
  • control over emotions; less reactivity, less anger, less sadness
  • reduced stress levels
  • higher productivity
  • better concentration
  • less anxiety
  • becoming more perceptive and therefor knowing what to do in different situations
  • increased awareness and therefor better decisions making
  • an increase in creativity
  • feeling calmer
  • more understanding and compassion between individuals
  • more joy
  • an easy entrance into what scientists call a “flow state” (where people are totally absorbed in what they are doing and they feel great no matter what the task)

Lorrayn’s practical approach to meditation covers key techniques to help individuals experience a greater sense of well-being and happiness on all levels and to assist people in living more meaningful, healthy, and productive lives no matter how pressurised or challenging their life circumstances happen to be.


Combining Western Psychology, Sociology, Shen Qi, Buddist, Zen and Qi Gung meditation practises with her music and thirty years of experience in the healing arts, Lorrayn has developed a unique form of Mindfulness and Meditation using the breath, silence, discussion and music.


In a typical session Lorrayn will give instruction; explaining the principles behind meditation and mindfulness and the difference between them and then lead the group through a guided meditation using music.


Since growing up in London, Lorrayn has travelled the world teaching and performing in the Healing Arts. Through her workshops, courses and classes, thousands of people have experienced physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Over the years she has developed her own meditation techniques and mindfulness practise taken from a wide variety of disciplines, and her own personal experience.

Boston Herald

“a healer…” with “practically nuclear energy” – Boston Herald, USA

She has a Joint BA with Hon’s in Psychology and Sociology; completed training with The Psychology of Vision.

“Your Problems Are What Will Save You!”