Unique Motivational Events, Activities,Team Building and Exercises to increase:
Motivation, Creativity, Confidence, Productivity and Bonding of individuals and within organisations by uplifting the spirit and enjoying yourselves while doing so.



If you are looking for unusual team building activities or wondering how to motivate employees; train your trainers; or for a different twist on team building events you might like to consider one of our activity ideas with a difference.


We offer you The Music Mediation Experience to help participants learn to plug into the zone and find and keep that still space inside no matter what is going on. We offer the “Write Your Own Hit Song” project where we bring out your creativity and give you an experience of songwriting and the recording in the studio. In our “Bring Out Your Inner Rock Star” we turn you into a rocking in the isles Pop-Rock-Gospel Choir in one session using simple pop songs and if you are a large organisation wanting to set up your own choir we have a fully comprehensive Start Your Own Choir package.


These are creative ways for people to challenge themselves and learn more about who they are both as individuals and as members of a team. Our background in music and psychology ensures that you are getting the leading edge self-expression, confidence building, team bonding, and communication techniques.


Our workshops will bring your team together improving moral and rapport; pushing people gently out of their comfort zones. We support and enable people to grow both individually and as a team thus improving communication throughout the group. The identical skills you need to communicate more effectively in a range of different situations are developed through the performance craft techniques that singing, songwriting and performing artists use. The techniques we offer which are supremely useful for leadership development.


Our very expert and humorous team will take your delegates through their paces giving them an uplifting and enjoyable experience to remember.


“I feel like I’m walking on cloud nine!”

The Daily Express


“Sharing with others really helps people to forget their fears – they feel part of the community when they sing together”

Health and Fitness


Lorrayn de Peyer

Lorrayn de Peyer

Lorrayn de Peyer is the creator and Musical Director of these two awesome Team Building Workshops. Over her career Lorrayn has written and recorded four albums and performed internationally over many years. She was the Director of THE COURAGE TO SING a national school of Voice and Singing and is the MD of multiple choirs within organisations and nationally.

John Roberston

John Roberston is a professional session musician, producer and songwriter with an extensive back catalogue of songs that have charted all over the world. Artists he has worked with include Joss stone, Grace Jones, Dave Stewart, Robbie Williams and more recently: Moorcheeba, Vanessa Mae, Yolanda Charles and Sia.

Anthony Galatis

Anthony Galatis

Anthony Galatis is a London-based songwriter, music producer and mix engineer with several No.1 and Top 10 hits to his name. He works across most genres and has written hits for a diverse range of artists from international DJs to West-End stars and a host of pop stars around the world. Born in South Africa.


Anthony studied classical music at school and jazz piano at university before spending 2 years as the keyboard player for Just Jinger, South Africa’s biggest selling rock band.

Sebastian Tiplea

Sebastian Tiplea

Sebastian Tiplea is the MD of Video Production One which offers video production services in The South West of the UK where he lives in Taunton with his young family. He is the director of a young team created to assist businesses in their web promotion, communication and targeted marketing. He is an expert in building strong brands through a combination of conventional, unconventional, and thoroughly fresh video techniques.

Mags Lowe

Mags Lowe

Mags Lowe is an experienced Vocal Coach and Choir leader who was the Musical Director of Lorrayn’s northern branch of THE COURAGE TO SING School in Manchester for five years.


Mags provides a relaxed, supportive environment for people to open up their voices.  As a trained, versatile vocalist with experience of live performance, recording studios, auditions and singing competitions she is able to support beginner to intermediate level singers in their development.