Write a Hit Song

This is a multi-dimensional team building event that will leave you with an emotional high and a product you can use in all your promotional material for many years to come. And, as a team building event with a difference it will really bond, unite, bring together, enthuse and uplift your work force in a way that only music can.


Using our teams of top professional songwriters, team builders and professional recording studios, we assist your company in writing, recording and filming your very own HIT SONG. The product we create with you once finished can be used by you as:


  • For your app’s
  • As Christmas audio cards
  • As your answer phone music when callers call your switch board
  • In all your videos


In three to four short minutes the modern pop song brings together all the aspects of a story that you would find in a novel or feature film.


It contains the elements of a description of the situation; the conflict and suspense of a problem and (for our purposes) the Walt Disney happy ending resolution.


In the creation of a pop song for your company or organisation you or your managers will need to determine the following:


  • The pain point; what is lacking; the problem that your company has been created to solve
  • The process of; suspense in solving the problem
  • The benefits; the relief; the satisfaction in the experience of having solved the problem of providing this product or service


Possible Song Templates for the production style of your song

  • Can’t stop the feeling – Justin Timberlake
  • Uptown funk – Bruno Mars
  • Stay with me – Sam Smith
  • Hymn for the weekend – Coldplay
  • Send my love – Adele
  • Tears – Clean Bandit
  • Lay it all on me/Photograph – Ed Sheeran


Phase 1

Two of our songwriters and strategists will come to your company with a guitar ad keyboard and sit with you (any board room will do) and up to a group ten people from your management team to compose a hit song from your ideas.


With you we create sound bites and phrases from the ideas you come up with that summarise:


  • What your company stands for; its values; aspirations and strengths
  • What it aims to do; its point of service; how it does it and why it is unique
  • The problems your company solves
  • The result and the benefits when this is achieved


With our help you create melodies and lyrics around your ideas and formulate an easy to sing pop song which we then teach you to sing and record for you then and there.


Phase 2

We take your song away and create a professional backing track with full backing vocals in a style you have pre-chosen.


Phase 3

Once the track is completed we come back and teach it to as many members of your organisation as you want involved with full backing vocals and provide you with a rehearsal karaoke recording of you all singing your song. We are expert in getting even the most out of tune and singing resistant people to sing well.


Phase 4

We take you all into a professional recording studio to create a fully finished high end product with your team singing the vocal parts .This can then be used in all of your promotional material.


Phase 5


The Music Video – Our video team comes into the studio with you and films and edits the recording session of you all singing your song leaving you with a professional music video of it.