The Courage to Make Money


Lorrayn de Peyer

Empowering lives through clarifying aims and revealing potential


Do you have the right information to face your fears and keep following your heart and your passion? How do you keep your enthusiasm and freshness intact? How do you bring in the pound’s shillings and pence and balance the books when there seem to be so many other people out there doing what you do that there seems no space for your voice to be heard? Do you have the power to take ownership of your life and make money?


My background and training in Psychology (Joint BA with hons in Psychology and Sociology) and as an Empowerment Coach has allowed me to develop my COURAGE BRAND to include THE COURAGE TO MAKE MONEY as my latest Life Coaching product.


I have found that a major area blocking people in realizing their dreams, visions and goals whatever they were was the experience of scarcity, lack of self-worth and a chronic lack of self-confidence


The purposeful application of the principles of The Science of Abundance; The Law of Attraction and the increasing scientific evidence behind The Deliberate Power of Creation show that it is possible for human beings to create the lives that they want and fulfil their dreams, visions and goals again and again and again.


Don’t just take it from me. For your own research go to the great teachers and thinkers of our age (or of any age come to that Jesus Christ, Buddha, Paramahansa Yogananda): Deepak Chopra, Dr Wayne Dyer, Esther Hicks, Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Lynne McTaggart to mention just a few.


If you read the literature you will find increasing scientific evidence that as human beings have a vast potential that is possibly unlimited and that we have the power to effect and create our reality in partnership with the great beyond, God, The Universe, A Higher Power, whatever you wish to call the ultimate all of which we are a part. This is the place where the great composers receive their music; from where great painters paint; poets write; scientists receive inspiration for inventions and sports people go into the zone to create that next great goal or winning shot.


I have been privileged to live a vast and fascinating life filled with adventure, success, financial abundance, travel, beauty and fun and I want you too to have this experience for your selves. You too can have the adventure of living a life to the full; accepting life’s challenges;’ moving through its obstacles and overcoming the blocks. You too can wake up in the morning with a feeling of exhilaration, optimism and delight instead of with a feeling of dread and fear like a lead balloon in the pit of your belly.


I have helped the clients I have coached and taught for over the last twenty-seven years prove for themselves that these laws are something we all have access to and can use in our daily lives. Thousands of people have attended my workshops and courses in the creative industries where I have supported people in moving through their perceived blocks to receive more of their desired results whether this is money; a more meaningful reality; less struggle; better relationships; more fulfilment; more self-expression or a higher level of material existence.


You too can move from survival mode into thriving. What I want is for you also to experience satisfaction, contentment, joy, success and material wealth by learning to use the simple principles of deliberate conscious creation. We can all do it, you can do it.

It is not magic; it is not hocussed pocus; it is not wishful thinking; it is not childlike idealisation. Yes, money and loads of it please as we need money to achieve many of our desires and dreams. Bring it on! Lots’ of it please by employing ethical, fun, honest, and purposeful means that give us a sense of fulfilment, worthiness and our lives meaning. Helping ourselves through connecting with others and serving them with something they value which will help them and make their lives better in some way. This surely this must be the ultimate fun there is?


I am a teacher, a facilitator, a coach, a director, a producer and an artist and what I do is to help individuals and companies like you to achieve your dreams, visions and goals. What a good teacher does is to study from the very best experts in their filed and then have some practical experience of applying what they have learnt themselves; they then distill all the knowledge they have acquired down into a communicable package of information and if they are good at teaching (not all experts are) they are then be able to transfer this knowledge to you for you to use for your own purposes.


Since taking my degree in Psychology and Sociology at Leeds University many years ago I have gone on to study the deliberate power of conscious creation from the very best teachers in the world. I have used these principles effectively again and again in my own life to achieve my own visions, dreams and goals and I have taught them to thousands of others.


If this all rings true for you than I would like to offer you a video in which I give you my top tip towards mastering the power of deliberate creation for yourselves and making your first 100K. You can get this by emailing me at and I will send you the link.


Thank you for taking the time out of your busy world to read this piece and I most sincerely look forward to meeting you.


Best wishes

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