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THE COURAGE TO SPEAK IN PUBLIC course is for everyone who wants to receive a specialised and refined methods to express their message through public Speaking.


“THE COURAGE TO SPEAK IN PUBLIC” course is for everyone who wants to receive a specialised and refined method to express their message through Speaking.

Our unique courses help you to develop confidence and expand the range, power and authenticity of your delivery. Your voice, presence and message improve; develop spectacular integrity between speech and intention and, you will learn how to express the depths of your passion and speaking from a soul level. We offer a variety of courses and workshops for everybody from Beginner and Advanced Speakers and cover all subject matters and styles of speaking.
This is a holistic approach that combines cutting edge techniques and training taken from the Traditional Performing Arts, The Healing Arts, Success Psychology and Neural Linguistic programming. It has a track record of producing outstanding results. Please see the testimonial page testimonials/.

Course benefits:

  • Our program welcomes everybody from the “can’t speak in public to save my life” person, to more experienced Speakers who are preparing for professional careers in the Speaking Industry.
  • We take you from the beginner level right through to the more advanced levels where you get the opportunity to speak in front of an audience.
  • By providing a supportive, encouraging and well-facilitated group environment, we have found that progress is much faster and more fun than doing it in private.
  • People who have attended our courses report that not only has their speaking improved, they report that they are also better able to express themselves in all aspects of their lives, at work, at home and in leisure activities.
  • They also describe a greater sense of fulfilment and well-being in all aspects of their lives.
  • A unique focus of our program are Workshops where everybody gets an opportunity to be part of a larger event, Speaking to a live audience.

Course Info

We run three levels of Fast Lane courses which offer students a unique opportunity for Speaking and Self-Development through Speaking.

Level One – 1Day Course For Shy Speakers and People Just Starting Out as Speakers
Level Two – 1Day Course For More Experienced Speakers to Develop Your Message and Challenging Yourself Beyond Your Normal Comfort Zone
Advanced Course – Killing It As A Speaker by Exceeding the Limits of What You Think is Possible – Taught by Lorrayn de Peyer on a 1-2-1 basis.

Your Facilitator

Lorrayn de Peyer is an experienced Speaker, Internationally Acclaimed Empowerment Coach and Performance Artist. She has 35 years of experience encompassing many facets of running Award-Winning businesses; is a Serial Entrepreneur including building her own successful COURAGE brand; as a teacher; as an Empowerment Coach and as a Professional Singer in the music industry; Lorrayn communicates the formula for creating Success, Wealth, Health, Love, Happiness and BALANCE on all levels. She is the Director and Founder of COURAGE ENTERPRISES.


3 Invaluable Tips to FIND YOUR CONFIDENCE as a Public Speaker!

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