02 Jan How to Overcome Hardship and Adversity

I want to share some information that might help you achieve more of what you want today and overcome hardship and adversity.

I used this practice myself very specifically and precisely just a year ago when the house move I had planned fell through. Also, I found myself between a rock and a hard place of having committed to leaving the home I was living in without now having a new place to move to.

I was essentially going to become homeless with a house full of furniture not wanting to incur the extra charges of having to store furniture, go away, rent or move into a temporary place to live etc. So I started in earnest to apply the principles of the Deliberate Science of Creation.

“What is your ideal home for right now Lorrayn?” I asked myself.

“What would it feel like to be living there right now?”

“What is the view from the window? Where is it? How many rooms are there?” and so on until I was able to create in my mind some pretty clear images of what I want and more importantly FEEL how I would be feeling if I ALREADY was living there. It took me less than three weeks to find the right house to move to.

As Dr Wayne Dyer sadly recently deceased put it like this: “You gain the power of creation by contemplating yourself as you already are”

Embody that reality

Quite simply what you do is to imagine yourself as the person who already has and is the things and person you want to become. You embody that reality completely as your present reality so that it will be drawn to you.

This is the purposeful application of the Science of The Deliberate Power of Creation; the Law of Attraction and The Science of Abundance in action put in the simplest explanation I can bring you today. Of course, the application of these laws year by year, daily, hourly, moment by moment and learning to use them correctly in alignment with the other great laws of the universe that scientists are only just beginning to unravel, is a life time’s study.

This is the new frontier, my friends. The virtual world of the internet and digital technology will be vastly dwarfed and eclipsed by this new technology as it advances. The Science of Deliberate creation must be aligned with the other laws of the universe to bring lasting change and I have not touched on here the amazing new evidence that is coming through about the electric magnetic power of the heart and how community, compassion, love and harmony are also great laws in the universe which we must act in accordance and alignment with. I refer you to the wonderful material being produced by Lynne McTaggart, Gregg Braden and Joe Dispenza for more detailed study. However, for learning the day to day application of these laws to bring more prosperity, love, success and wealth into your lives I would like to refer you to my own humble classes, products and talks and trust you may find there the help that you need to move you to the next level.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy world to read this piece and I most sincerely look forward to meeting you.

If you need more help then you know where to find me.

Best wishes,