Since growing up in London, Lorrayn has travelled the world performing, writing songs and teaching. She has released four albums of music; writing and recording with many established musicians and producers; and performing at many distinguished venues in the UK, America and Europe. Her work has been reviewed by the British and American press and she has appeared on British radio and television.


It was while she was in The Philippines that she began her professional music career as a singer in Manila, by accident performing with Filipino musicians and becoming well-known as a singer in the nightclubs and bars. Lorrayn then went back to school to study jazz and contemporary music in Boston, Massachusetts in America and whilst in Boston wrote, produced, performed and directed shows and performances of her own music.


On return to Europe five years later she enjoyed residences in London’s major hotels – The Savoy, Hilton, Britannia and well-known nightclubs and venues as a Jazz vocalist and toured Switzerland, Germany and Scandinavia performing and developed her song-writing in the studio. She is a member of the Musicians Union, The Performing Rights Society; an honorary member of Equity and the Founder/Director of THE COURAGE TO SING a Holistic, Healing Arts School of Voice.

Lorrayn de Peyer


The Voice of Courage

The Voice of Courage

A Pop – Jazz – Chill Out album released in 2014


The inspiration for this album came from Lorrayn’s journey to bring the light into her own life; from her fight to grow into all that she knew she could be; from finding and expressing her VOICE OF COURAGE. The songs tell of her story of moving from darkness into light; from being broken to being complete; from feeling abandoned to being found; from being filled with filled with revenge and fear to learning forgiveness and how to love.

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Sample Songs


      Come With Me
      The Musician's Song
Songs of the Earth

Songs of the Earth

This is an accapella album of sixteen songs, chants and rounds from around the world recorded live in a Chapel near Brighton, England. Traditionally, many of the songs have been passed on only by ear from one singer to another singer to another singer hearing them, learning and them passing them on to another singer as a live chain of music and vibration. Such was the case for the group of singers and friends on this album.


Many of the songs are easy to learn and effective for healing. They formed the foundation of the courses for THE COURAGE TO SING courses and choirs creating a basis for people to learn how to sing.

Sample Songs


      I Love You So
      Dancing Circles
      The River
Jazz and Popular Classics

Lorrayn Sings Jazz and Popular Classics

With a wealth of experience behind her and many years performing as Jazz Vocalist in London, Boston and Europe, Lorrayn puts her own spin on these timeless jazz standards, bossa nova, classic soul, motown, R&B and modern pop songs.


In America Lorrayn performed in New York and Boston at many acclaimed
venues studying Jazz at the famous Berklee School of Music; and in the UK she has
performed at The Jazz Pizza Express on Hyde Park; The Savoy Hotel London; The
London Hilton Hotel on Park Lane; The Barbican; and many other prestigious London
Jazz venues.

Sample Songs


      Smooth Operator
      My Cherie Amour
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