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This workshop is a must experience tool to help you create more health, wealth, love and happiness in your life.


“THE COURAGE TO LIVE BY THE LAW OF ATTRACTION” course is for everyone who wants to receive specialised and refined methods in self healing.

The scientific evidence is overwhelmingly significant now that the power of intention of a well-facilitated group of like-minded people together can lead to change not only in the recipients of the focused healing energy but also those sending the healing energy; even if you have had no experience of this kind of thing before. I have seen amazing experiences of positive transformation in the groups that I have run and been a part of. For example, I saw somebody get up and walk who had been wheel chair bound for eight years; I have seen dramatic financial recovery from debt and emotional disturbance; conflicts resolved; people find healthy relationships and better jobs and earning more money.

There are three concepts that have to be present for this kind of change to take place:

  • That you believe that it is possible.
  • That you can believe in a power greater than yourself (Universal Energy/God/Goddess/Love).
  • That you are willing to put the effort into applying yourself to the process.

Course Info

These workshops are LIVE EVENTS that include music, meditation, quantum visioning, information, experiential psychology techniques that lead to an energetic exchange that raises the vibration of all those present and changes the pivot of people’s lives present for the better.

I include processes and techniques taken from the latest research that supports the understanding and accessing of the unlimited potential of the human being.

Your Facilitator

Lorrayn de Peyer is an experienced Speaker, Internationally Acclaimed Empowerment Coach and Performance Artist. She has 35 years of experience encompassing many facets of running Award-Winning businesses; is a Serial Entrepreneur including building her own successful COURAGE brand; as a teacher; as an Empowerment Coach and as a Professional Singer in the music industry; Lorrayn communicates the formula for creating Success, Wealth, Health, Love, Happiness and BALANCE on all levels. She is the Director and Founder of COURAGE ENTERPRISES.

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