Learning to Sing

THE COURAGE TO SING was started on a dark November evening in 1998 in a small community Hall in Battersea, London. Its Director/Founder Lorrayn de Peyer was surprised to find her new mind body spirit emotions singing course full of people wanting to learn how to sing.


From there THE COURAGE TO SING went from from strength to strength opening venues all over London, Manchester and the South West with its Trainers appearing on National TV and radio with multiple reviews in the London and National press running pop-rock genre choirs; workshops; courses and private lessons. Thousands of people went thought the doors of our School of Voice and this inspired Lorrayn to write and develop a special online course that brings together all her experience as a singer herself and as a Vocal Coach of many years experience.


What makes this course different from all others is that it covers all the technical aspects of learning to sing and it also covers the psychological aspect of having THE COURAGE to overcome your fears and shyness as a singer to find your voice and unique way of expressing yourself.


As Lorrayn knows only too well; you can be the most amazing singer in the whole world and if you don’t have the COURAGE to share your talent with others and let them hear you because you are too scared then it is no good to anyone. Lorrayn’s Learning to Sing course is exceptional because it uses her back ground in Psychology and the Healing Arts (Lorrayn is a joint honours graduate in Psychology and Sociology from Leeds University and a long term Yoga and Mediation Practitioner) to help you overcome your fears so that now everybody can sing.



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