Celebrate Africa

11 Oct Celebrate Africa

Saturday October 15 at 7.30pm Tickets £7
The Gateway, Seaton Town Hall, Fore Street, Seaton,Devon,
EX12 2LD

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Saturday 15th October – Africa Concert

Local Musicians Lorrayn de Peyer from Seaton and David Norrish and from Sidmouth first met in Southern Zambia in Africa where they were both aid workers in a girls school in the bush in the 1970’s. Imagine their surprise when they met again forty years later at a re-union for the school in 2013 to find that they were neighbours both living in East Devon?

Lorrayn taught Art, Games and English at the school and amongst other responsibilities as a teacher David ran the school choir. Both David and Lorrayn were amazed at the natural musicality of the girls at The Njase school who all sang their local indigenous songs in three, sometimes four part harmony and whose sense of rhythm was impeccable without ever being taught. David was so impressed he took it upon himself to organise a performance of the girls singing in the capital Lusaka which was recorded. A CD of this performance will be available at the concert on October 15Th

David and Lorrayn recognise the importance of keeping the indigenous music of Africa alive as the influence of Western music has often erased the richness of the musical heritage of the region. Having met some of the girls (now women) from the school at the re-union in 2013 and hearing how the school was badly in decline needing basic things like furniture and that the girls had set up a charity to support the school; Lorrayn, now a choir leader herself running two choirs in the region decided to organise a concert from which profits would go to The Njase Foundation.

Lorrayn asked David if he would arrange and conduct her choirs in singing a couple of the indigenous songs from the original CD recorded in Lusaka all those years ago. And so it is.

Lorrayn’s choirs will be performing Kuta Bama and Zangala Zangala at the concert alongside their normal repertoire of pop and rock music. They will be joined by The Rhythm of Life Choir; The New Dawn Chorus; a local drumming group; and the head line act is the authentic Zimbabwean group Shosholoza who will bring the house down with the sound of the drums, dancing and African song.

Please join us on October for this unique evening and experience for yourself the live music of Africa- there is nothing like it!

Lorrayn de Peyer is a world-music; pop-jazz recording artist and songwriter. She has performed all over the world in many prestigious venues like The Savoy Hotel, London Hilton Hotel, The Barbican, on the continent and in America.

David is an honours graduate in music from the University of London and currently plays in the Exeter Symphony Orchestra and Isca ensemble and various chamber ensembles like his own quartet The willow String Quartet.

A Celebrate Africa evening of pop-rock-gospel and AFRICAN songs, drums and traditional African dancers Shosholoza in aid of a School in Zambia, Africa

Local Musicians Lorrayn de Peyer and David Norrish join forces to put on a concert for a school in the bush in Africa where they both taught in the 1970’s.

When Lorrayn and David both attended a re-union in London in 2013 for the girls school Njase in Zambia, Africa where they had both been teachers, they were surprised to find that they were now living as neighbours, Lorrayn living in Seaton and David living in Sidmouth.

Even more of a coincidence is that one of David’s many responsibilities when he taught at Njase all those years ago was to run the School Choir and that Lorrayn now runs two local choirs in East Devon and Taunton.

At the school in Africa David encouraged the choir to sing the songs that come from their own languages, Tonga and Lesotho that is spoken in the surroundings areas to the school. He recorded a CD of the girls singing these songs which will be for sale at the concert. Back in the 1970’s this was no mean feat as recording equipment was scarce especially in Africa

At that time Lorrayn was only nineteen years old and she taught the girls English, Games and Art at the school. She had no idea that she would later take up up music as her career and become a choir leader.

At the re-union in London for the school where Lorrayn and David met up with each other they also connected with some of the X Njase students who now live in the UK. They heard how the school was in in a sad state of repair and on the decline needing money for even basic things like furniture and that the X Njase School girls (now women) were setting up a charity to support the school.

So the idea to use the leverage of choirs to put on a concert for the school was born and Lorrayn and asked David Norrish if he would come and teach her choirs some of the Zambian songs that the girls used to sing in his choir at Njase which you can hear at the concert. The enthusiasm for the concert has since expanded to include special guest performances form some other local choirs – The Seaton Chorus ; The Rhythm of Life Choirs; a local drumming drop called Drum4Fun and a very special performance from the unique and original professional dancers from Zimbabwe called Shosholoza.


We trust you can come along and join us dancing in the isles to the drums and singing along to the songs and the sound of Africa at this very special concert. For details of Lorrayn’s musical team building sessions for groups and organisations please call 01297 792874 info@thecouragetosing.co.uk, www.thecouragetosing.co.uk